Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Snapshots From Lyon

When my husband travels with me, I can easily take several photos because then I'd have an extra pair of hands. But pushing a buggy on rough cobblestones with a large bag ... makes it a challenge when by myself. So here's just three snapshots of Lyon.

A view of Old Lyon from across the river Saône.

The city's publicity campaign which I think is beautifully simple and modern. It makes Lyon relevant today, moving forward, even as the city respects its history and heritage.

Painting propped on an upper balcony, building façade

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Loco2 said...

Yes I've seen that campaign before - and there is also a website called Mon Weekend a Lyon which is super useful:


No need to hard sell Lyon to me! In terms of getting there from London did you know there's a seasonal direct service that bypasses Paris: