Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Travel Shoe

In mid-season, I stow away the heavy boots and switch to either ballerinas or derbies. I use Repetto from France and super-soft leather lace-up shoes from Italy ... Anniel. I also have a pair of Chloé ballerinas that are like second skin.

While looking through all my mid-season shoes, I saw that they were all scruffed ... which is what happens when you walk for miles on rough cobblestones. I use creme protection, waterproof spray, and wax for all my leather goods ... but they get scruffed anyway.

 Since my next trip involves three weeks in northern Spain, I decided to wear Camper which originates in Mallorca, focusing on craftsmanship and artistry. I chose the style Holly from this Spring/Summer 2012 collection, a lace-up shoe made of full grain leather. It's pointed shape makes it feminine, but it's made for comfort using the Sacchetto Construction method which provides suppleness and flexibility.

View other angles and colors of Holly here. Camper was born on a Mediterranean island where everything is influenced by nature. It's slogan is 'Lifelovers Welcome' with a point-of-view that the fun part is the journey, not the destination. Camper's preoccupation is 'the things we love most, our way of walking through life'. Source: Lifelovers ABC book by Camper.


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

They look great and I bet they are comfy. Diane

Deepa said...

So pretty! It doesn't look like the usual Camper shoe.

Lavender Honey said...

@Deepa: Once in a blue moon, they'll have one or two good styles. I have a pair of boots covered with graffiti from their 2006 autumn collection ... people get surprised they're from Camper too :)

KarinaB said...

So lovely!

Rose said...

That's so pretty and looks very simple and at same time very trendy too. Thanks for sharing.