Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wardrobe Refresh

On top of updating my wardrobe with pieces from Sessùn for an easy-to-mix capsule collection of dusty pinks, mustard yellows, prints and navys, I also dropped by COS ... whose Spring / Summer 2012 collection is inspired by the outdoors (sky and cerulean blues, fresh greens). For formal dinners I chose a few dresses in interesting shapes ... which the strength of COS ... architectural, unexpected silhouettes. I love their well-thought out basics, which have small details that only a true aesthete will notice.

I threw in a bag of super soft, natural leather ... worn two ways. All of these should take me through the extensive travel plans I have lined up from now to September ... and all work-related events. I like COS because it's an affordable brand but unlike H&M whose pieces get tattered after a week ... the COS items I have somehow keep their shape and quality.


Deepa said...

So fascinated by this brand after reading about it on Design Mom. Everything looks so chic. I didn't think they had a store here but I just found out they opened on in December!

Daphne said...

wish i could shop there. i'm so bored here.

Lavender Honey said...

@Deepa: COS is already celebrating it's fifth year ... and I stumbled upon it just last year. They plan to open more branches in Europe :)

@Daphne: COS is ideal for people with high aesthetic standards but no time to browse and try everything on. The cuts and shapes are flattering ... looks like a lot of work went into them ... but the price tag is Zara-level :)