Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cofradía Solar de Samaniego

Since we were already in La Rioja which is one of Spain's wine regions, how can we not visit a winery? The tour began with a tasting session of just one wine. View their website here.

Note: If this were France, we'd be tasting three to six wines ... maybe even more. When we visited a winery in Cambados, they also let us taste just one out of their three wines.

Various grape types used for their wines.

Freshly corked bottles.

A lecture on their wine making process.

Bottles waiting to be shipped out.

Vintage bottle labels.

This is a serious wine maker. They carefully grow 900 hectares of grapes, all of which are handpicked, 60% of the best grapes are used for wine while the rest are given away for other purposes (this method is a form of quality control). There are so many other details to their process ... too tedious to blog about but let me just say their standards are high.

We had a delicious lunch of regional specialties, prepared, cooked and served in a private dining area on-premise, a long wood table surrounded by stacked wine bottles (as seen in the fourth photo). The atmosphere was very personalized and very cozy. Of course my parents and the group all bought cases after.

I'm not a wine aficionado although I drink with my meals. Not like my husband who is a true-blue wine lover whose palette is extremely refined and discerning. So this photo series is really for him.

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