Welcome to my blog, Lavender Honey! I post about my adventures in life. Hope you enjoy!

Welcome to the party!!

Welcome to the party!!


Hey hey! Since you’re here, I guess that means your purpose was to learn a bit about me. I’m Olivia. A 22 year old corporate world employee, avid traveler, coffee addict, and plant mom (plant mom sounds weird but we’re going with it). I’m not a writer by any means, nor do I feel I’m creative enough for this but, I figured this would make me: a) creative (maybe), b) try new things, and c) make me feel accountable for something other than normal day-to-day life. 



Okay, the fun stuff - I’m from Maryland (smack dab between Baltimore and Annapolis), and went to college in the beautiful town of St. Augustine, Florida. I had to leave my sleepy little dream town of STA when I accepted a sales manager position for an international automotive manufacturer at their office in Orlando. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Orlando or not, but let me just tell you, I was not excited to move here. I realized Orlando isn't ALL that bad... I'll do a post about my favorite spots for ya. 

I will tell you I enjoy working out, baking, finding new coffee shops, listening to vinyl, not killing the 10 plants I have in my apartment, and traveling to big cities. I will also tell you I am not a fashion blogger (I worked in retail for four years but my go-to outfit is still a sports bra, t shirt, and spandex), I cannot cook (sorry to my future husband), I don’t know how makeup works, and I have no artistic ability. And lastly, I will also say I’m still trying to figure this thing called “life” out. 

Lavender Honey was brought to life by a much needed push over the edge. I've been wanting to create a blog for awhile. With the push of a friend and the encouragement of a few others, I said why not. Typical millennial, I know. Anyway, where the name came from... My first tattoo was done in a spur of the moment fashion, with not much thought or effort put into the design. I chose two sprigs of lavender and got it done in color on my side under my right arm. There was no meaning behind it until after the actual tattooing happened. The two most important women in my life told me lavender was one of their favorite flowers. Since that moment, lavender has meant so much to me. And honey, well, because I'm sweet like honey *insert wink emoji here*.


Tattoo was done by my girl Kris at Sailor Cher's in St. Augustine, Florida

This blog is a collection of corporate tales, personal endeavors, travel blogging, and anything else I feel like posting about. Enjoy reading my public journal!