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23 FOR 23

23 FOR 23

Gretchen Rubin of “Happier with Gretchen Rubin”, made a podcast at the start of 2018 called “18 for 2018”. Basically, it was a list of things she wanted to try/accomplish in 2018 rather than making a list of New Years resolutions she felt obligated to create or knew she wouldn’t stick to. I, for one, and not great with New Years resolutions, and part of me feels like they’re a bit cliché. I have friends that make monthly goals/resolutions at the start of each month, but working in an industry where my professional goals/targets start over every thirty days, I don’t think I want to bring that into my personal life. So, I decided to take Gretchen’s idea to each of my trips around the sun. October 30th, to October 30th, starting with my 23rd year.

In the podcast, Gretchen explains some people do better when they have a list they can check things off of. I’M THAT PERSON!! I love “to-do lists” because of the sense of accomplishment when you cross an item off, and the satisfaction when the entire list is completed. So, I’m very excited to see this list be crossed off over the next 358 days.

  1. Learn to make croissants - I’m a sucker for a good croissant

  2. Budget, and stick to it

  3. Teach myself to be curious and be comfortable asking questions - I’ve always been afraid of asking questions, I guess for fear of sounding stupid and being nervous about the answer I’ll get.

  4. Read all of the books I haven’t read that are on my bookshelf - it’s only like seven or eight… That’s doable? 

  5. Learn to cook and master three meals - I mean REALLY learn to cook; how different flavors interact, which ones compliment one another, etc

  6. Watch all of the Marvel movies & Netflix shows - my boyfriend loves Marvel, so it’s about time I get up to speed

  7. Take a spin class - I don’t know why, but to me, this is one of the most intimidating workouts 

  8. Become certified in Google Academy for Ads - at some point in my life, I want to have a job in Digital Marketing, and this skill can help me now in my current position at FCA

  9. Find my passion or at least explore enough to help be become closer to finding it/them- another post is coming about this… But my goodness is it difficult to find your passion(s)

  10. Try a kickboxing class 

  11. Go to Asheville, NC - everyone says I would LOVE Asheville. It’s only a 6 hour drive ( 🙄) away from Wilmington

  12. Define my style - both in terms of what I wear and how I decorate my home. Neutral colors and fun textures all the way!

  13. Export all of my photos from my computer onto an external hard drive - lame, but I have about 8,000 photos… I’ll cry if I lose any of them

  14. Explore my family tree and ancestry - I’m for sure English, Polish, and/or Lithuanian 

  15. Run three obstacle course races

  16. Go back to NYC - this city HAS my heart

  17. Make time for this blog and create new content every one to two weeks - it got put on the back burner with work, moving, and traveling and I want to create meaningful content on a regular basis

  18. Take a time management course - I used to be great at this… Then, I’m not sure what happened

  19. Try the elimination diet - I struggle with acne (like a lot of people). I’m hoping this will help pinpoint what the causes are

  20. Finally understand football (!!!!) - my boyfriend loves football, and when we watch it, I’m clueless

  21. Start (and actually USE) a gratitude journal

  22. Do 12 beach clean ups - starting small (one a month), but hey, time (and weather) don’t always permit

  23. Find two new hobbies - running, cross-stitching, tennis, photography, SOMETHING (open to suggestions, too)

Some of these may not be able to be crossed off, but keeping them in front of me for an entire year will really encourage me to work on them (i.e. 3 & 9). I will be sure to keep everyone updated on my progress! Maybe we’ll do a check-in at 6 months :)

This is 23! I’m very grateful to have celebrated another birthday - and let me just say, celebrating 23 was the best yet.